Stalownik - night report from abandoned hospital (Xmas special)

Hi everyone, yesterday (16.12.17) I was in Stalownik with Kamil (svce). It was my seventh visit in that place, Kamil's first. But it was my first exploration of Stalownik at night. Yes, we were there at night. Some people say that in this building happens weird and scary stuff. But let's start from the beginning.

Kamil was my driver, we drove to the abandoned hospital. You will see the video with scary lamps and the huge hospital in the background. That was so awesome! Next, we parked the car and approached the hospital. All the trees were gone. The place changed a lot from my last visit. Soon we crossed the fence and we were inside the complex. As I said, strange things happen there at night. My primary flashlight was damaged after a while. I put a new battery to it, and the flashlight just stopped working.

We also recorded a short video for, it also will be available in our video. We were on the roof and in the basement. The level of water is higher than last time. And some of the teenagers were with us in the building. We crossed our roads only once while exploring.

What can I say more... I want only to go back to the 2001 year and then explore this place.

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