Nature Adventure - Story About How Everything Went Wrong - Poland

I sleep on the field and, wade trough high grass to explore abandoned places. The only abandoned thing was an old coal machine.

February 2020, 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

I went on an adventure to the north. Starting near the coal mine in Czechowice-Dziedzice I went north. I had to go through a muddy substance formed with mud, water, and coal particles.

I climbed on a coal pile and found some kind of abandoned mining machinery. It was getting dark so I walked through muddy fields.

I slept outside. It was beautiful to see the light coming from the mine and starry sky. The moon was full. After midnight it started to be really cold and my sleeping bag started to cover with frost.

But somehow the next day came and I was able to go to the north. It was easy to walk through the frozen fields.

Then I found the first water body I had to cross. Once I made the first step, the ice cracked and I was knee-deep in the frozen brook.

Then I found another waterway. It was too wide to jump over and too deep to cross it.

I had to wade through high grass to find a place to cross. When I finally did I encountered a nature reserve. Because you should respect this kind of places I had to change my plans.

Expected distance: 10mi / 17km
Traveled distance: 13.9mi / 22.3km

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