Croatian Adventure - mountains climbing, exploration, amazing landscape

Croatian Adventure is about the exploration of Croatia, mostly the beauty of nature. I'm climbing on the Biokovo mountain, wading through thorn vegetation and crawling in the spiders and snakes area. I've almost reached the peak, it was too hot and I was forced to go back. Then I created a poll where you voted I should climb again and I did it.

Croatia is a beautiful country where I will return with own car. I want to visit Dubrovnik city once again, this time with a camera and take the Game of Thrones tour. Yes, they used this city to create for example the King's Landing!

Biokovo is the second-highest mountain range in Croatia with the elevation of 1,762 m (5,781 ft). I wasn't on the highest part of it, but still, the view was awesome! For sure during my next visit, I'll go to the highest peak.

20 of June I'm moving to the UK, I want to record my trip and some days there. Is it hard to move abroad to study? Is it difficult to pay for the flat, food and have work and study at the same time? Those questions will be answered in the next video, but sooner on the Facebook, I'll be posting short videos from my adventure, please follow it if you want to stay tuned ;).

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