Abandoned San Pablo Air Force Base - Seville - Spain 2017 [5/5]

"Abandoned San Pablo Air Force Base" is the last episode of "Spain 2017" series. In this video, you can see my exploration of abandoned San Pablo Air Force Base located near Seville. A golden grass is everywhere. On the roofs, you can find grass and even trees! It is a very climatic place.

I want to say thanks to all those who watched all episodes. Thanks for the support! I've been in the cave and I'll create a short movie from it. Just stay focused, don't forget to hit the like button and to share with friends :).


[Voice, realization, editing]
Daniel Waleczek

- Smooth as Glass by The Freeharmonic Orchestra
- Josh Woodward
-> "After the Flames (Instrumental Version)"
-> " Words Fall Apart (Instrumental Version)"
-> "Airplane Mode (Instrumental Version)"
-> "Epilogue (Instrumental Version)"

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