I've moved abroad, look what happened - From Nowhere To The USA #1

What could possibly go wrong while moving abroad to study? A lot, but I'm sure you didn't think about that!

In this first video of a new series "From nowhere to the USA" I show you my travel from Poland to the UK and the first adventure to the north. I also share with you my plans for the future - "On Foot to Liverpool", "Skydiving Full Experience" and "Following the Colorado River".

Every video from this series will be mostly solo adventure/solo travel. I will show you many aspects of moving somewhere else - in my case to the UK, to finally travel to the USA.

On this channel, I want to travel to many places in the world - safe and dangerous. This is only the beginning, and I make many mistakes, but who is perfect at the beginning.

The main enemy of this video is time. The tide is coming in. Finally, the high tide cut off my way. The only way to go home is cliff climbing, but it's not easy without gloves - rocks are sharp and the cliff is steep. It's definitely a dangerous adventure.

"Flight Hymn", "Drive", "Olympus" by Ross Bugden
Under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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