Cave Rules - Trzy Kopce cave, Poland

This video is more educational than others. Here you can get know the rules before you will go to any cave. But I also show you our trip through mountains to finally - after the rules - enter the cave. The cave is built from Carpathian Flysch, so don't expect smooth and big chambers. The rocks are sharp and built of many pieces.

But let's start from the beginning. I prepared new ExplorersOfTime's logo. Also, I wanted to create something more cinematic - did I do it well?
What's more, I will speak English in next episodes.

So we started our trip around 6 AM UTC+0100 and it was still dark. After the hour I started my first "entry". It was hard to record this speech because Polish schools do not exactly teach how to have good pronunciation. I have a few fails.

I also created rotating hard drive to record better views. And it was windy in the mountains. In the cave, I also stuck under water.

Rest of trip details you'll get know watching the movie :).

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