I slept on the roof of abandoned buidling but it was worse than I expected

What could possibly go wrong while sleeping on the roof of an abandoned building? A lot.

Sleeping on a roof is dangerous, but hey, everything I do is dangerous, so for me, it was dangerous just a little bit because of the possibility of junkies, security, police. Without people, it would be the safest place to live.

I wanted to save as much money as I can because I wasn't working then, so I planned to go through mountains, sleep on the roof, then explore the abandoned building and go back the same way.

But I don't like to go back using the same route. I came back using a bus with great memories, ideas, and plans. I kept an eye on abandoned buildings along the way, but all I found was locked.

So if you know abandoned places where I can record, send me a private message. I will visit them for sure after I buy a car. I'm limited by transportation, my equipment (and poor skills), but the quality will improve.

Inside the abandoned building I found newborn cats, lots of documents and some tables, beds... and some other interesting things including chemicals!! I'm always excited about them, even small movement can make them BOOM!, even a small drop can destroy your skin, even a tiny bit can kill.

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