From Aberystwyth towards north - From Nowhere To The USA #2

What is to the north of Aberystwyth? A lot, but it's only a trailer of something much BIGGER.

In this video of series "From nowhere to the USA" I show you my travel from Aberystwyth to the north. A quite long adventure without sleeping (25 hours), but that sandy beach... Beautiful.

Every video from this series will be mostly solo adventure/solo travel. I will show you many aspects of moving somewhere else - in my case to the UK, to finally travel to the USA.

On this channel, I want to travel to many places in the world - safe and dangerous. This is only the beginning, and I make many mistakes, but who is perfect at the beginning.

"The Wasteland", "Revelation", "Skies" by Ross Bugden
Under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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