The story

Imagine yourself achieving your biggest goal. How does it feel? Would you settle down to enjoy your perfect being? Nah... it's not in human nature. I bet you would look for other things to experience, and it would be even more straightforward than before.

But to achieve the deepest dream, you have to put a lot of work into it. You need the proper mindset and the right people around you. If 4 people go hunting alone, they can catch rabbits, but a deer together.

I want to connect and help you and other people. Create a story about the success of many. Starting with videos that deliver different emotions. Then creating new journeys together, to finally establish a group of achievers.

About me

Daniel Waleczek, creator of Journey Motives YouTube channel

Me? There is not much to say. Most people think I'm weird and crazy. I stopped to care, and instead, I put the energy on chasing dreams. My most important fantasy? To fly to the Moon. And then living is more peaceful when you have hopes that big.